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SOLARACIL Academy’s unique career-shifting initiative:

“From Zero to Hero: Change Your Career, Make Your Future”


We have predicted earlier that MENA renewable energy markets will suffer from scarcity of the qualified technicians. Accordingly, we have established our training subdivision SOLARACIL Academy to narrow this gap by its pioneer career-shifting training programs an achieved unique success stories. SOLARACIL Academy’s unique career-shifting initiative “From Zero to Hero: Change Your Career, Make Your Future”. The challenge was to accept any person with zero background, no prerequisites, no education and no age limits to qualify him/her to work in the field of renewable energy. There are two goals of the initiative: First, to qualify the companies’ engineers to enter and pass NREA installer tests. Second, to equip the business entrepreneurs with deep and comprehensive understanding of solar PV business.

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In January 2016, SOLARACIL has built partnerships with the Faculty of Engineering in Shoubra signed by Prof. Dr. Eng. El-Sayed El-Kady, President of Benha State University. FIVE groups were trained so far. The trainees we have trained – according to our vision- were a mix of engineers and non-engineers who came from different backgrounds.



SOLARACIL Signs with NREA EgyptIn May 2017 SOLARACIL has signed a partnership with Dr. Eng. Mohamed Mostafa ElKhayat, CEO, NREA -New and Renewable Energy Authority - Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy. NREA is the only government body responsible for renewable energy activities and giving licenses for companies.  Accordingly, we collaborated together in qualifying the installers’ companies in Egypt. 


SOLARACIL Academy Programs includes: Foundation, Solar PV, Solar PV Advanced, Solar Water Heating, Solar Water Pumping, Solar CSP, Wind Turbine, Wind Turbine Advanced, Biogas , Biomass, Energy Efficiency and Green Buildings in addition to VIP programs. We provide an intensive training program on Irrigation Pumps + Solar PV Stations to the agricultural and solar engineers in collaboration with Grundfos Middle East (The Danish international pumps manufacturer).


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