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As a high quality consultancy SOLARACIL provides unique consultations in electricity, renewable energy, energy audit & energy Saving and solar irrigation. Below are samples:

  1. Power Systems Planning,
  2. Reliability Evaluation of Power Systems,
  3. Load Management Strategies,
  4. Energy audit
  5. MENA Energy Market Researches
  6. MENA & East Africa Market Research
  7. Waste-to-Energy Solutions.
  8. CSP Solutions.
  9. Energy Conservation,
  10. Renewable Energy Design and Installation ,
  11. Smart Grids Applications,
  12. Power System Contingency Analysis,
  13. Economics Aspects of Power Systems,
  14. Outage Costs Evaluation,
  15. Safety and Hazards Aspects of Electric Power Systems.
  16. Safety in Electrical Equipment
  1. Safety in Electrical Appliances and Products
  2. Recent Methodologies in Energy Conservation
  3. New Criteria in Electrical Installations
  4. Power Factor Improvement
  5. Load Management Strategies for Industry

Prof. Dr. Eng. Abdullah Al-Shaalan,

Vice President, Professor Abdullah Al-Shaalan is a co-founder Saudi international energy consultant. He has Master of Electric Engineering, Pennsylvania Univ, USA 1974 and PhD from Manchester Univ, UK 1985. He is currently the Professor of Electrical Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering, Electrical Engineering Department, King Saud Univ. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Previously, he was the Chairman of the Electrical Engineering Department (1997-2001He is also the Supervisor of the «Zamil Group Chair for Electric Energy Conservation». Dr. Shaalan is a member at the following scientific and professional societies: Senior Member at the IEEE (USA), distinguished member at the SIGRÈ (Paris), Member at the IEE (UK). He is also a member at the Saudi Economic Committee (KSA), Member at the Saudi Engineers Association (KSA). Dr. Al-Shaalan has Authored many Books and scientific papers.

Dr. Eng. Mohamed AlYamany

The former First Under-Secretary of State and Official Spokesperson of Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy Egypt. He enjoys excellent international recognition. He is currently the head of technical committee of the African Electrotechnical Standardization Commission AFSEC.

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Zahran

Vice President of Electronics Research Institute, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, NANO Tech. Lab Supervisor, Solar-Wind, System Design and Implementation, Hybrid Systems Management and Control.

Dr. Prof. Eng. Hamdy ElGhetany

Ph.D. Degree in Mechanical Power Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan (March 2000). Dr. El-Ghetany has an extensive experience in the field of solar energy, Heat Transfer, Solar Chilling.

Dr. Prof. Kamel Elkhateeb

PhD of Chemical Engineering. He has excellent international experience in Sanitation Sewage water treatment, producing electricity using microbial fuel cells and Water desalination using membrane technology and thermal systems.

Dr. Prof. Eng. Adel ElSamahy

He is the Head of Department of Electrical Power and Machines Engineering. He has excellent contribution in the area of CSP projects.

Eng. Abbas Rady

He holds a Bachelor of Engineering, Cairo University. The former Projects General Manager at Arab Renewable Energy Company (ARECO) a subsidiary of The Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI ). He enjoys excellent experiences in the design and supervision of installation of many off grid systems, street lighting.

Prof. Dr. Taha Elsabbagh

PhD of Environmental Sciences- Analytical Chemistry, Vice Dean, Institute of Environmental Studies and Research, Egypt. Enjoys deep experience in Waste Treatment, Environmental Pollution (Air, Water and Soil).

Dr. Prof. Mohamed Gomaa

PhD Hydrogeology & Hydro-geochemistry. He has excellent experience in chemical and biological analyses for groundwater quality.

Dr. Prof. Eng. Mohamed Ebrahim

PhD holder and professor of Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy, Benha University. He is participating in a many RE researches and committees.

Dr. Eng. Khaled El-Bagoury

PhD of Agricultural Engineering. Enjoys deep experience in designing an installing of farm irrigation systems.

Dr. Eng. Kamelia Youssef

PhD of Electrical Engineering. Former Deputy Chairman for technical affairs at Alexandria Distribution network. Enjoys excellent experience in several areas such as Energy Audit & Energy Saving, Renewable energy, Lighting design and application. She has authored 17 books on electricity and solar energy.

Dr. Magdy Makram

Experienced physician specialized in Industrial medicine, occupational & environmental health & safety. He holds Master degree in addition to high certifications of NEBOSH, OHSAS Lead auditor, ISO 14001, Lead environmental auditor, NASP, CSM, NEHA and HSE.

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