Our Partners

SOLARACIL shares projects’ tasks with its partners according to each project in the field of renewable energy starting from analyzing customer needs, site assessment, conducting the required environmental impact studies, obtaining licenses, permits, and government approvals con- ducting soil  studies and preparation. Moreover SOLARACIL provides the projects local content. This includes the initial design, civil works, metal structures, raw materials, consultants, engineers, local technicians and workers. SOLARACIL participates also in the design, installation, operation, support and maintenance.


CSUNPOWER is a SOLARACIL consortium partner provides comprehensive solutions for the whole lifecycle of  solar  project  to  customers  all  around  the  world and is specialized in high efficient PV solar module manufacturing as well as project development, EPC, O & M. CSUNPOWER has a proven track record of international pojects around the world in UK, Japan, China, Vietnam and Pakistan.

Runh Power - China

 Ranh Power is a global Chinese company specialized in the construction and supply of complete

equipment for power plants including gas-fired gas stations, oil-fired oil, biomass-fired coal, coal-fired coal, combined cycle and waste transfer to Waste- heat. to-Energy. In cooperation with SOLARACIL, Ranh Power provides comprehensive solutions for major clients. Ranh Power has a proven track record of international EPC achievements in designing and installing mega projects in thermal power plants in the areas of electricity production, refrigeration and heating.


 Sensolar is a Portuguese business partner. It enjoys extensive experience in the design and installation of solar thermal systems and central heating in the residential and industrial sectors. It has implemented one of the largest solar thermal systems in Portugal to produce healthy hot water and heat.

Absolicon - Sweden

Absolicon in Sweden produces high-quality factories that produces unique concentreted solar parabolic parabolic trough PT. These concentrates produce temperatures up to one hundred sixty degrees and are characterized by their small size and light weight and can be installed on the roofs of buildings.