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SOLARACIL Egypt Renewable Energy; a Joint-Stock companyincorporated in 2013 under the Egyptian investment authority laws with good connections in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Libya. Its international sister is SOLARACIL Ltd; a holding company based on Coventry, England.

SOLARACIL Egypt provides designing and installing the Off-Grid hybrid energy solutions that integrates solar PV, BIPV, micro-wind turbines, batteries and diesel generators. This way our client utilizes his/her existed investments spent in traditional energy solutions. Our vision is to provide Non-stop Renewable Electricity for the rural communities and agricultural farms.

Hybrid Energy Solutions

Our projects clients are the rural clients who suffer from the absence of electricity, frequent blackouts or fuel shortage who need to secure non-stop electricity, heating, chilling for food industries and clean water. It includes rural households, hotels, fishing boats, agricultural farms, poultry, animal farms and streetlights.

Our mission is to empower the rural areas in other MENA countries to be ALL RENEWABLE at affordable costs, good quality and long-term after-sales care by promoting our initiative: «Produce Your Electricity, Yourself» enables the energy consumers to produce their electricity and drinking water, themselves.

We are proud to be approved as a RE supplier and installer by RECREE (The Regional Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency is an intergovernmental organization. As a part of its mission, SOLARACIL with other Egyptian and Saudi investors are planning to purchase its own CSP and WtE plants that can     convert MSW to electricity, biogas, compost, sea water desalination and RDF.


Based on our connections with governmental agencies and private sector, SOLARACIL provides technical labours, business development and market research services to the international companies planning to invest in Egypt and Saudi Arabia in the field of renewable energy in Egypt. We provide well trained staff ready for work or train your staff as needed.

While the Egyptian market is its current concern, the plan is to expand to other Middle East and Africa countries. Its clients are Off-Grid/Grid-Connect households, hotels, agricultural farms, poultry farms, small-size factories and local govermental street lights who suffer the abcence or frequent blackouts and fuel shortages.

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