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A Joint-Stock company (S.A.E) incorporated under the Egyptian investment authority law No.159 /1981 in August 12, 2013 (Reg. No. 68047). Its registered office is at Al-Wahat Road, 6 October City, Giza, Egypt.

SOLARACIL Egypt Renewable Energy is a developer, designer, integrator and installer of creative customizable Off-Grid/Grid-Connect hybrid solar photovoltaic, small wind turbines, battery storage and diesel generator solutions to secure non-stop electricity night and day. While the Egyptian market is its current concern, the plan is to expand to other Middle East and Africa countries.

Its clients are Off-Grid/Grid-Connect households, hotels, agricultural farms, poultry farms, small-size factories and local govermental street lights who suffer the abcence or frequent blackouts and fuel shortages.

SOLARACIL (Egypt) Academy

Because Middle East’ labour market is suffering from scarcity of the qualified personnel capable of working in the PV solar and Wind energy; SOLARACIL Egypt Renewable Energy has established a technical practical training subsidiary institute (SOLARACIL Academy) to provide the local labor power with a series of courses and modules that lead to a diploma international experts in collaboration with Liverpool Academy (UK).

SOLARACIL Academy program is provided in Arabic language with English Termenology and provides 88 hours. The program may be provided in an intensive format per request.The training hardware kit consists of real solar PV and wind products.


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