About Us


An international renewable energy consultancy with focus on Middle East and Africa markets. SOLARACIL is incorporated in Coventry, United Kingdom. in 2012. The consultations includes Electricity Utility, Solar PV, SWH, CSP, Waste-to-Energy and Water Pumping and Training.


SOLARACIL has a subsidiary in Egypt (SOLARACIL Egypt Renewable Energy SAE) a joint stock company that provides the Middle East and Africa with more local services including design, installation and training. SOLARACIL Egypt focuses on providing integrated services to factories, hotels, tourist resorts, restaurant complexes, animal and poultry farms to get the needed hot air, hot water vapor or electricity from Solar PV power, building facades BIPV and CSP solar thermal And small wind turbines. Not only that, we also remove municipal waste and preserve the environment by converting it into Biogas or Waste-to-Energy. 

Our clients:

Our clients are all affected by the lack, shortage or interruption of electricity or natural gas or from its high bill, especially in remote and non-networked areas from homeowners, villas, vegetable farms, poultry farms, animals, small factories, workshops, hotels, tourist resorts, fishing boats, sports stadiums, street lighting, and parks to achieve them Self-sufficiency in electricity, groundwater, heating, cooling, water vapor and biogas.