Solar PV Stations

Solar Stations

Solar Stations

Solar Stations

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  • OnGrid Solar PV Stations

    Your solar station produce electricity during the day. You may consume it and whatever excess your consumption, it will be injected into the EDN. If you need electricity at night or cloudy days, you can withdraw from EDN account balance. At the end of each month the EDN company calculates the net measurement, at the end of the year the balance will be calculated against a rate. You either get cash or pay.

    Net-Metering is a source of income, reduces the bill category, no need to purchase and replace batteries to obtain electricity at night or in the cloudy days and it is less expensive.

  • Solar Water Pump Stations

    After specifying the technical specifications for the water pump that meets the needs of the project, we suggest to the customer the choice between European industry (Grundfos Danish pumps), Chinese, Indian or Turkish We design the solar photovoltaic PV plant that the pump and motor need in addition to the buildings attached to the farm according to desire and budget Customer and site conditions.

  • OffGrid Solar Stations

    Off-grid PV stations for the households, hotels, agricultural farms, poultry farms, factories and including street lights. We provide solutions that integrate photovoltaic, batteries, micro-wind turbines, and diesel generators that save the clients’ previous investments spent in traditional energy solutions. Accordingly, we provide non-stop renewable electricity night and day.